Mar. 21st, 2010

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What's sophie's real name -- Gina's doesn't know, but her black dog tag is significant, it doesn't have a name on it yet.
What's it like to play a character without a real name - (re coupling - was jane her real name? Gina says don't try to figure out Jane.)
How much of what Nate said did Sophie here: Don't know yet.

What backstory did you build for your characters and have you been jossed? Aldis - the writers have allowed us to add color, but from the pilot, I had no idea.

Favorite vacation spot for you and for your character:more under the cut )
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Beth is wearing pants and knee high boots today. I am glad we're not in another supershort skirt. I was nervous for her yesterday. They both look fabulous, of course.

How are you liking the convention?
Gina's a bit overwhelmed. This is her first convention. Beth loves it.

The scariest thing is that the fans know more than we (Gina) do. We shed the script after we're done because we have to learn the next one.
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This is an incomplete recap unfortunately. I wish it was more complete because they really got nuts and bolts at the end of the session.

Albert: Every day is like the Princess Bride. John says I'll most likely fire you but what's your idea?

The first season, they wrote in a tiny cramped airless room, now they have a big open bright airy space. Yay.
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