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What's sophie's real name -- Gina's doesn't know, but her black dog tag is significant, it doesn't have a name on it yet.
What's it like to play a character without a real name - (re coupling - was jane her real name? Gina says don't try to figure out Jane.)
How much of what Nate said did Sophie here: Don't know yet.

What backstory did you build for your characters and have you been jossed? Aldis - the writers have allowed us to add color, but from the pilot, I had no idea.

Favorite vacation spot for you and for your character:
Nate/Tim- Tim's is home, his son is 8 and goes to school in paris Nate's is any good bar town, Chicago, NOLA. He's not a vacationer though

Sophie: Mona Lisa, Gina's a beach person

(Aldis jumps Christian's turn, Christian "damnit Hardison!") Aldis - anywhere with a free ticket, Hardison anywhere with Parker. Parker wants to dig a hole to China.

Anywhere outside Eliot's head to get away from the anger ("Hey, Hardison..."). Christian says his vacation is going to work. then he sings a snip of Kokomo.

What role do you like in the team? Hitter, hacker, etc

Beth: The more the merrier. Parker's not all that comfortable with it.
Aldis: Anything that kept me out of that van last year. He's waiting to learn to fight/get a fight scene

Are you going to release a photography book? Beth: Yes, I do want to put out a book. It's in the works.

What makes working on Leverage different?
Christian: We work with our best friends. By S3 usually people hate each other but we're not, we're all still best friends.
Tim: We just genuinely like each other. I did this interview recently and was asked about the cast and the relationship and was misquoted as we /generally/like each other.
Aldis: I feel at home on set. We couldn't wait for our chairs with our names.

Tim just took a picture of the audience. See his Twitter.

Beth: I got everyone on Twitter. (Christian: true story!) (Aldis: she was waiting outside my house!)

Much talk of Beth's dance and she didn't like the way her hands froze at the end of it.

They set off fireworks on the fourth. "I got a sunburn after it. It was daylight there for a bit" - Chris

What would you guys do during a zombie apocalypse?

Tim: Eliot?
Christian: I'm Eliot fucking Spencer, why are you even asking?

What's your favorite scene in 2 live crew?
Paker: With Apollo
Aldis: The faceoff with Wil
Tim: Kane's fight with Noa
Gina: Not our love scene? (Tim: yeah, that was pretty god)
Kane: It was... well, looking at this girl wet. But it was Beth and Apollo in the airduct

Tim reads everyday. Just to kind of ease into the day. (Gina: I gave you a book three and a half years ago!)

When will we see your watch designs?
Aldis: maybe in the next two years

What's your favorite explosions?
Aldis: The Stork Job.
That was a real blow up.

Christian: The pilot was real too and we got burnt.

Aldis: We want more explosions.

General fanfare for the hats "we blow shit up"

There will be more backstory flashbacks.
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