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These are my very rough notes from the Leverage Season 3 premiere. I keep meaning to flesh these out but I haven't yet. If you ask I'll fill in the blanks. Spoilers ahead for Season 3 including casting, plot arcs, relationship arcs and handcuffs.

John Schneider is here!

So is Aldis's brother, who guest stars in 301.

Season three opening is resetting the show. New show, new credits. This is the third pilot for the show. They're introducing people to the show thanks to TNT's heavy promotion of it recently. (Yay, TNT!)

How does the Italian play in?
John: Sinisterly. TNT wanted us to open up crime world this year. The Italian is the way in. Her story wraps in winter season.

Themes in s3: they are a family now bit how do they function? This season deals a lot more with their personal families.

John: we fell in love with the bar.

J: yes, more backstory in the new season. We meet parker's mentor and who might be her father (chamberlain).

D: Nate's accepted that he's a thief but he doesn't know how to be a thief. He's thief lite. So the other team has to teach him to be a thief.

J: You're going to really get the sense that Sophie is co-running the team this year. Daddy screwed up. Daddy went away. Daddy came back and now Mommy's running things. Parker and Hardison are inching forward.

They'll never run out of bad guys. There's no shortage of assholes in suits.

Prison con was only two details changed from a real life situation.

Mentalist, social hacking, neural hacking.

No one says, I didn't care for it but it was meticulously constructed.

D: we've come to expect thing from these characters so it's fun

Coming this season: Eliot and Hardison cuffed together. Running around in the woods in the rain.

Season has been shot out of order.

Gina picked Sophie's name. Christmas episode will give you a hint. Gina created much of sophie's backstory.

Second sunday, john's episode. 305.

stick fighting from Aldis? Nope. "You are built like captain america!" Hardison = High str, low dex.

Nervous service - 80s music. Dean's band from 1984. With eyeliner!

12 episodes in the summer, 4 in the winter, 2 part season finale. 2 standalones they've always wanted to do and then Moreau.

BluRay, not likely. You can get it in HD on itunes and Amazon.

Concon dvd. Release dates soon.

Concon 2 if there's s4

Comic con....they want to but no. Wootstock? John says he'd be an accessory after the fact.

Wil and John got seriously hammered during 2 live crew.

Any familiar faces coming back?
D: no.
J: people wanted to know bonano was okay

Dean says this is the best job he's ever had.
John: This beats Independence Day when you had piles of cash falling from the sky?
Dean: This beats Independence Day.
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