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Jensen introduces a clip from S5. He's still really pretty. He's grateful the PtB were crazy enough to let him direct. It's all about Bobby Singer. Episode 4 is his ep, Weekend at Bobby's.

Clips from S5, etc. Lisa BS.

Bobby does bad juju. MARK SHEPPARD. Love his face. Bobby: "Hate to see what you call celebrating." Crowley: "Yes you would." Crowley won't drink with him. Won't give him back his soul. Contract said "best efforts."

Brian Truitt introduces blah blah blah

Sera, Kripke, Jensen (mugs), Jared (Still OMG hot), Misha (pretend to punch Jared), Jim (Elissa goes crazy), Edlund.

What's up with the rank and order now?
Kripke: Yes, still involved. Official loving gentle pain in Sera and Bob's asses. Fuzzy hemorrhoids. It felt like the right time. There was a five year plan, there was a sense of how it was going to end. When it looked like it was going to continue in mid season five, I want it to continue forever (Jensen looks terrified.) But I wanted a end to the storyline. Now we're in the sequel. That felt like the real right time to step down. He didn't want the creativity of the show to end (Jared "wow, 104.") [More talking.]
Brian: They want to talk too, Eric.
Eric: What would you like to say Jared? What's the moment?
Jared: Nothing. You lost me at consigliere.

Monsters this season?
Sera: More this season than there have been lately. The last couple of seasons were very epic and arc-centric but now they want to shot some monsters in the face. So they're doing that. And now their monsters will be looped into the mythology as well as being of the week.

Jensen: (on directing) A lot different than he was used to. As an actor, he was only called to make decisions on one character and now he had to do it for all. It was refreshing, new and exciting and he would never do it again. The writers gave him a light Dean episode. All I had to do was try to get Jim Beaver to hit the marks I wanted him to hit (Jim rolls his eyes) and he never did.

How did Sam get out of hell?
Jared: No idea. Practice. I kept saying it would be cool for Sam and Dean to die, but then I realized they had.

What's Castiel's role now?
Misha: Yeah, Cas should have a role. He hasn't had one up until now. Writers? Food for thought. People like him! I think he's on clean up detail at this point. What little I know is that Heaven is like post-Soviet Russia, just to make this interesting, and this upsets Castiel and he's trying to form a coalition to put it back together. What does that make him, Yeltsin? I want to pitch him having a Russian accent (does a bit of Russian accent.)

What's first, Bobby gets a girlfriend or he gets his soul back from Crowley?
Jim: Hell will freeze over before Bobby gets a gf. Yep, B and Crowley will have their confrontation. No more kissing scenes. He can assure us of that. ("Oh you can." "Yes, because you need me for it.")

Insanely creepy to look forward to?
Ben: Insane. There will be Faerie in it. We're walking a very careful tightrope. Little people will be involved. We have to be on pins and needles until we get the defamation suit out of the way. I see a moment of the boys fighting a tiny pinprick of light who is Tinkerbell. You can clap your hands and believing won't help.

Bigger roles for women?
Sera: We have a couple who have survived so far this season. I don't think we have a character who is Lisa Braden is returning. Relative of Sam and Dean's returning. You're kind of dead meat on SPN.
Ben: We're actually telling you that death doesn't exist. It's a public service announcement

Various screams from audience. Jensen: What is this, Jerry Springer?

SPN anime? They're not selling it here. WB or PTB, demand it! We think it's cool. They get tentacles. J&J are doing voices on some. Live action tentacles are totally shitty.

Was Chuck God?
K: We're not giving an answer. We're leaving it up to interpretation. We didn't want to be M Night Douchey of a level "and that's because I'm God" Now someone will say, "If that's god, then isn't that the writer is God" and that's M. Night Douchey, yeah but this God bangs whores!

Jensen, what's your best advice for directing Jensen Ackles?
Jen: I didn't have to convince myself to do anything. I don't consider myself a director. Jared was not on set. (Jared: *fistpump*)

Jim not going to direct. It requires work. I wanted to give Jensen a sense of what it's like to be a director so I was going to stay in my trailer for 30 minutes. Instead he just gave him a hard time on set ("I know how to pick up a phone!") The riding boots and megaphone were over the top. I have never felt more safe and taken care of blah blah sentimental.

Will JDM come back?
Sera: JDM -- have you seen his schedule? We love him but he's very busy.
Jen: Come back to us, Jeff. Come back!
Jim: Yeah, bc this show needs a father figure. No one else fills that role.
Sera: Mitch coming in. Not replacing Bobby. Nothing ever will.

Was Lucifer a challenge?
Jared: Yeah, absolutely. I talked to Jensen bc he'd done it (played against himself) and it was odd and you're used to playing off someone else. I just ended up using a piece of tape. He still hasn't seen it. (K: I appreciate your support and commitment to the show)

Are you guys really great friends or is that just acting?
Jared: For me it's acting.
Jen: He's not that good an actor.
Jared: It happened pretty quick. The acting it a great part of it. So it kinda just fell into place. I hope it's decent after 5 1/2 years.

Did you change anything in your five year plan on S6 renewal?
K: Yes, I did tweak things. There wouldn't be as many living characters as there are if it was a show end. The Lucifer/Michael was exactly their plan 70-80 percent is as planned.

Ruby said Sam didn't need the blood.
K: It wasn't that Sam didn't need the blood, it is a battery for him, but it was more about the decisions he made. She meant the way she was pushing him toward darkness and that he'd have gone there if she was there or not because he was self righteous and angry anyway.

Does the audience make up surprise you?
K gestures to the boys.
Jen: Shocking.
Sera: I've always loved horror movies. So yes, we have a lot of attractive men (Jim and Misha preen) but some of the hardest core horror fans have always been women.

Are we getting more Ghost, Ghostfacers? (she sang it)
Sera: I feel like we just did. If the story is pitched in the right way and time, yes. They're huge on the Web.

Which was your favorite episode?
Jen: We've done 107 and you want us to pick one?
Jared: Which was your favorite? We agree. I love the premiere and finale of each season because it's starting something and wrapping something up and we get cliffhangers and I get to be in the position of a fan of.
Misha: I don't know the episode name. The one where you guys were chasing this monster demony thing and it was like aw, so good. The Impala was in it!
Jim: I hate the demon episodes. All that weird supernatural stuff. it takes away from the core of the show.
Jared: Yeah, we only like Benders.
Jen: I like the comedy ones - Hollywood Bab, Yellow F, Changing channels, Monster movie.

How was it for you when you see the final product (except Jared, I guess)
K: I put a lot of love into Swan Song. It was a chance for me to wrap up every issue I thought the show was about. It's not about heaven or's about family. I was so proud of it. It's what I wanted it to be and then I saw the reactions and I went online and What a piece of shit, I'm wiping my ass with that episode right now and I had this moment of 'I'm so misunderstood' and then I started laughing. The show has never been about the apocalypse. it's about the brothers and the emotional bond and anyway that's my apology.
Sera: I liked it.
Kripke: Thanks, Sera. My mom was, like, I liked it! Jared LOVED it.
Jared: I will be effusive in my praise when I watch it.

For Jen - How is your character going to progress through the next season?
Jen: Picked up a year later. (from the audience -- he tucks in his shirt!) Really, that's what you got from it? (Kripke: We're obviously trying too hard as writers.) He's domesticated, living a somewhat normal life and it'll be about how he gets pulled back into it and how he deals with that. And. My shirt's tucked in. (Audience - take it off!)
Jim: It always comes down to that, doesn't it?

Jen questions - Will you be kissing anymore demons?
Jen: Only my own.
Kripke: That's the title of my album. Kissing my own demons.
Sera: Not so far. There is some kissing.

What was your favorite monster of the week?
Jared: ...again there were 107. What was yours?
Jen: the monster movie character
Jared: I love the shapeshifters.
Jen: I'm looking forward to killing vampires properly this year. Cut this pasty waify shit out and let's just [noise covers]
Misha: This just turned into a hate rally.

Sept 7, premiere Sept 24

[Gag reel]
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