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I don't have fancy graphics like everyone else but I do have cut tags. So yeah. Here's the SOTP for TR (excerpted from the full SOTP at my LJ)

The holidays are always busy for me, but that's not a bad thing. I've picked up some freelance work, actually done some writing, visited lots with people I love and only just recently recovered enough from 6 years of exhaustion to start taking an interest in my surroundings. This has led to a desire to get rid of everything I own. I'm very allergic to dust.

The Island
Emily: Brand new to the island, Emily took it with her characteristic adaptability. It helped that coming to the island looked a lot like going back to her own time. She's still in that very early meeting people and exploring phase. And she definitely does a lot of exploring. She knows London fairly well but she's having fun finding things that don't match her memories. She took Joan in as a guest in her home, largely, I think because she was lonely in a house of shades. She rather likes the tough but elegant way Joan has about her. She's also fascinated by Sonya and the whole 'married but not taking his name' thing.
NDPD: A formal tea set for four, plus a supply of high quality teas.
Item: No ideas at the moment but possibly her armor from hunting 'Spring-heeled Jack', the plant Matt gave her, or an EMD.
Upcoming in 2012: Dino-fighting, sex ed a la Kate Freelander, Matt <3

In the future: I'm really excited about apping Lilo in February. I love the idea of having this fierce little kid to run around and talk to everyone but really really need just a few people to make her her family. Come on, Kate. The world is ending, you know you want a little girl. Not to mention that there are other Hawaii-based people (Hi, Steve!) who will go surfing with her and actually get the concept of aloha and ohana.

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