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It's the return of everyone's favorite service: The Decision Maker! It's been quite a long time since we offered our services but we're here to help!

What is it, you ask? Read on!

Sometimes, you need to make a decision and you're stuck. You're sitting at the crossroads of some choice that will set the course of the rest of your LIFE (or at least afternoon) and you Just. Cannot. Decide.

The only thing you want is someone to make the decision for you. For you and you alone, we have created the Decision Maker platform. Now with more snark!

Just post your choices* in the comments along with any explanation you think is necessary and I and my panel of decision-making experts will tell you what to do.**

Voila! It's just that simple! 100% satisfaction or DOUBLE your money back.***

*You must actually have at least two and no more than six definite choices. If you don't have any idea then you're not ready for Decision Maker. You want Idea Generator. Two journals down, on your left.

**Experts may or may not be made of resin, speak English, have six sides with dots on them, occasionally respond 'reply hazy, please try again'. Decisions not guaranteed to be the right ones. Panel is not responsible for any actions taken by querier.

***Offer void where prohibited by law. Your mileage may vary. Entertainment purposes only. Please drive through.


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