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More Joy

1. I do plan to get this going again. I have a small seed fund for it. What I'm wondering-- would people still want to participate if that money went to a predetermined charity instead of back into their pockets? Last year's total would have donated more than $2000 to a cause. Thoughts?

2. I have at least two people who never gave me a place to send their More Joy money. If that's you, please tell me what to do with your money.

Birthday reminder

As is traditional, I'm telling you now that my birthday is on the 10th. This is your only reminder. Spare me the cries later of "but you never told us!" I have. Right now.


This is actually unrelated to the above item. I just needed to give myself a reminder that I need to prioritize my list of wants so that I can budget for them. There was a prioritization app out there somewhere that I wish I could find again. It was cool.


I'm glad my roommate is grocery shopping today. We're out of, like, everything.


When did LJ put that "select tags" link on their update page? I has a fond!
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This is not a finance-filter post but it could be and may get there eventually. Yes, there's a finance filter wherein I nerd about things like CD ladders (reminder to self, do a post on CD ladders) and paying yourself first.

This is the time of year when I start saying "I want" every ten seconds. Things are on sale and tempting and advertising everywhere is claiming now is the perfect time to buy buy buy.

In service of NOT doing exactly that, I'm making a list of things that I keep saying "I want" about. As I save up enough for each item, I'll come back here and see if I still want it or if I want to roll it to the next goal. Feel free to play along in the comments.


...a programmable thermostat - is cold in the morning ($30-$120)
...a new external harddrive - TB or larger ($99-$160)
...a flatscreen TV - plasma or LED - 42" or larger ($1200?)
...a table for the entryway ($100)
...a puppy (progress is being made on this front) ($1000+)


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