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1: The annual "Don't you feel old" list, also known as the Mindset List for the Class of 2013 -- useful for anyone playing a teenager or younger

2: Batgirl #1 -- I'll be over here. Hyperventilating. (Crap, I need to actually buy this issue. Where is there a comic book shop around here?)
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Just updating the spreadsheet and noticing that we've actually hit mid-year (Yay) and crossed over $1100.

Crazy right?

Today is a good day. I has an Allie and SYTYCD tonight and tags to do that I'm really excited about (in GYO and in TR, what are the odds?)

So in honor of this good day, two questions:

1. What's making today good for you? (Even if you're having a crap day over all.)

2. What's your long term goal to make yourself a happier, healthier, better person? What star are you reaching for?
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I have this plot in my head which involves taking this Lorna and making her this Lorna. Hair color and all.

Yeah, it involves Zala. Because associating with your morally very dark gray sister makes you do wacky things like indulge in hairdye.

Edit: Alan, this may be a job for Jamie and Kitty as well.
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Oh not because of all the usual reasons (well, yes, because of all the usual reasons but not ONLY because of those) but because I really want to do another More Joy post.

I don't know. Maybe it's something wrong with my brain but it's one of the best parts of my week.


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