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My niece Izabelle Yvonne was born at 7:47 this morning. She weighs 7 lbs and 14 oz and is 21.5 inches long. She's absolutely stunningly beautiful and hardly looks at all like Winston Churchill.

There's a debate raging over whether she's Izzy or Belle. I invite you to cast your vote in the comments and I shall report to the parents.

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So friend with cancer is too sick to start chemo today. They're working on managing her pain instead.

I want to hit things right about now.
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Last week, with the help of a small army, [ profile] ohani and I moved from our apartment to a nice big house. Predictably, I can no longer find anything. Boxes abound, most of them labeled in a way that looks informative ("Clothes", "Pots, Kettle, etc", "DVDs") but which turns out surprisingly unhelpful (why do I have three boxes marked "computer desk"? Three boxes of stuff won't fit on the computer desk.) I'll add pictures later and you can all see that basically the whole place is boxes. Boxes, boxes everywhere. I trip at least twice a day.

Things that I found while packing:

- 2009 Entertainment Book
- Gift card for the drug store
- Batman UNO
- Multiple copies of several different books (this seriously bothered one of my soldiers helpers)
- A truly ridiculous amount of comic con stuff
- An entire box full of boxes of Harry Potter trading card booster packs. I have no idea what they're worth.

It has become very obvious that I need another bookshelf. At least one more bookshelf in fact. I already have two of these leaning bookshelves so why break up a theme?

Actually, we have a whole list of stuff that we need, in all shapes and sizes: more DVD shelves, bookshelves, a standing wine rack, patio furniture, water glasses. [ profile] ohani wants a kitchenaid and I long for a Comfy Chair(tm) to put in the living room in place of the chaise (which I want to abscond with to the office--this might be completely unfeasible given the size of the room).

We're considering a housewarming party on the 20th so locals, don't, you know, be busy. Maybe we'll even have our kitchen unpacked by then.


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