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I don't have fancy graphics like everyone else but I do have cut tags. So yeah. Here's the SOTP for TR (excerpted from the full SOTP at my LJ)

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I'm stealing a great deal of this post from a fellow player but I'd like to tell you a little bit about this excellent panfandom game I've got the distinct pleasure of co-modding. Personally, I've got three characters at the moment (Stephanie Brown, Janet Fraiser, Tim Drake) but if you take a peek at the Reserve list linked below, you'll probably see that's not going to stay that way.

What do I love about this game? Well, everything, really.

First, the players. We've got RPers sure but we've got a lot of fic writers too and you can feel the awesome synergy this builds out. It's a chocolate and peanut butter mix of writing win by some deeply excellent players. The different venues [logs, threads, journals (private), blogs (public), emails, phone calls, radio chatter...] all get used to provide a textured reality in the game world that ends up being really immersive.

In terms of the game itself, it's a dark setting (post-cataclysmic city where most of the population died and where outside resources are near negligible) but the characters themselves possess warmth and humor and hope in dark places to balance that out. It's a game that runs equally well on plot and character development. For me, it's perfect but that's because [ profile] technosage and I built it to be what we wanted out of a game. I think that the things we wanted, though, are pretty universal.

I'll let [ profile] pseudicide tell you the rest:

Gotham: Year One is a pan-fandom, post-cataclysmic Gotham roleplaying game. The DC Universe provides the backdrop for the game, but characters played in the game may come from any established fictional canon source -- comics, anime, books, films, television, et cetera. Characters appear in the city through unstable wormholes, and the focus of the game is rebuilding, stone by stone and person by person amidst the turmoil of the cut-off and broken-down city.

Taken Characters
Reserved Characters

Some more info:
Gotham runs like this:

All inter-character posts happen on the main comm, yo-gotham, open, closed, gathering There’s a gathering post every week or two, and threads happen consecutively, not concurrently. There’s wiggle room of course, but if you talk to Monet, and then talk to Kitty, you could reference the Monet conversation to Kitty, etc.

The heroes are trying to help people out, as they can. It’s post-Cataclysm, so there’s crime and a lack of food. A lot of stuff can get modded. A hell of a lot of bad guys, people getting robbed, etc. There are soup kitchens and things all pulling together. Then there are the morally grey pups taking advantage of it. In between are the pups just trying to keep their heads above water.

Magic works. Powers stay. Vamps are vamps, and Wizards are wizards. But life isn’t easy. It doesn’t mean it’s always hard either.

There’s a Torchwood office there. There’s a team of superheroes/good guys and there are vigilantes. There are ex-spies and science types and people from medieval-like worlds. All run into each other, and a lot of the time they’re forced to work together, even when they don’t want to.

On your own journal people put blog entries and emails, and that sort of thing. They've set up an intranet, even if they are cut off from the world. It’s awesome, sorta like our own prompt community within the game.

It's been a long time since I was deeply excited about a game. I cannot believe that Gotham's been struggling back to her feet for nearly 6 months. The time's flown by.

If Gotham: Year One sounds like something you might have fun in too, the application is linked up there. If you just want to follow along, I'd use [ profile] yo_tattler's Friends List as that's the official broadsheet for the game.


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